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The conference continues the tradition of group theoretic conferences "Groups and Group Rings" I-XI and "Groups and Their Actions" 2007, 2010, 2012, 2015 held in Poland between 1993-2015.

Aims and scope

The discussed topics will include:

  • special aspects of finite p-groups, including combinatorial and Lie methods in this theory;
  • geometric and combinatorial methods in important classes of infinite groups;
  • groups of automorphisms of trees, self similar groups;
  • linear groups;
  • varieties of groups;
  • unit groups of rings, with a special emphasis on unit groups of group rings and related problems.
The lecture time is 50 minutes for the invited speakers and 15 or 30 minutes for other participants. All lectures are open to students and academic community.

September 9 - 13



Main speakers


Conference is organized and supported by:
Institute of Mathematics, Faculty of Applied Mathematics
Silesian University of Technology (Gliwice, Poland)

Program Committee

  • W. Hołubowski - Gliwice
  • A. Iwanow - Gliwice
  • O. Macedońska - Gliwice
  • J. Wilson - Oxford/Leipzig

Organizing Committee

  • A. Bier - Gliwice
  • W. Hołubowski - Gliwice
  • Z. Sroczyński - Gliwice
  • W. Tomaszewski - Gliwice

e-mail: lp.lslop@spuorg

Main speakers


Oleg Bogopolski

Düsseldorf University


Yves de Cornulier

CNRS / University Lyon


Gustavo Fernandez-Alcober

University of Basque Country


Wolfgang Herfort

University of Technology Vienna


Anton Klyachko

Moscow State University


Pavel Shumyatsky

University of Brasilia


Światosław Gal

University of Wrocław


Gunnar Traustason

University of Bath


John Wilson

Oxford / Leipzig University

Conference photo

Group photo

Conference programme and participants




Oleg Bogopolski • Yves de Cornulier • Gustavo Fernández-Alcober • Światosław Gal • Wolfgang Herfort • Anton Klyachko • Pavel Shumyatsky • Gunnar Traustason • John Wilson

Programme details


Marcin Adam • Chimere Anabanti • Orest Artemovych • Czesław Bagiński • Beata Bajorska-Harapińska • Agnieszka Bier • Victor Bovdi • Samuel Corson • Elena Di Domenico • Karol Duda • Piotr Gawron • Jakub Gismatullin • Mariusz Grech • Nadia Gubareni • Anastasia Hadjievangelou • Waldemar Hołubowski • Yuriy Ishchuk • Aleksander Iwanow • Konrad Kaczmarek • Wojciech Kempa • Olga Macedońska-Nosalska • Martyna Maciaszczyk • Ayan Mahalanobis • Iwona Nowak • Shane O'Rourke • Bartłomiej Pawlik • Bożena Piątek • Mariusz Pleszczynski • Piotr Słanina • Damian Słota • Dávid Szabó • Anitha Thillaisundaram • Witold Tomaszewski • Roman Wituła • Adam Woryna • Alexander Zakharov • Andreas Zastrow • Marek Żabka


Center for New Technologies (CNT)
Silesian University of Technology
Gliwice, Poland
Konarskiego 22B Str.

Registration, lectures, coffee breaks and lunches will be held in the building of Center for New Technologies of the Silesian University of Technology.

Take the main entrance (Entrance A) to the building. The registration desk will be right in front of you.

Morning sessions: Lecture Hall A (Aula A), ground floor
Afternoon sessions: Lecture Hall B (Aula B), second floor
Coffee breaks, lunches: yellow patio near the entrance to Lecture Hall A, ground floor

Museum of Technology SUT
Located at the third floor in CNT, open daily 8.00 - 18.00, the museum offers expositions of old measurement instruments, information processing and publication equipment and cameras. The entrance is free.

Foucault Pendulum
Near the main entrance (A) of the building on the left you can see the Foucault pendulum. Running in CNT since 2014, the pendulum is 22 meters long, weights 55 kg and changes its oscillation plane by 360 degrees in 31 h and 6,6 min.

Gliwice is the westernmost city of the Upper Silesian metropolis, south of Poland. It is easily accessible by air (four international airports nearby: Katowice (KTW), Cracow (CRA), Ostrava (OSR) and Wrocław (WRO)), train (direct trains from major Polish cities: Warsaw, Cracow, Wrocław) and roads (A1 highway from Ostrava and Gdansk, A4 highway from Wrocław and Cracow).

To reach Gliwice from Katowice - Pyrzowice airport you can take a taxi (30 min) or a bus AP1 (60 min).

From Cracow - Balice airport you can take a bus LEO Express (direct connection to Gliwice, 90 min).


Few hotels are located in the city center, about 10 minutes walk to the campus.
We have agreement with Diament Economy Hotel - in order to get occassional discount please enter the code POLSL092019 in the reservation form.

Hotel Diament

Hotel Qubus

Hotel Royal

Hotel Silvia

Alternative options - hostels and appartments:

Hostel Malinowski

Hostel Gliwice

Social events

Social event - conference dinner

THURSDAY 12.09.2019, 19:00

The conference dinner is going to take place in the restaurant "Scene of Tastes" at Arena Gliwice, Akademicka 50 Str.
It is 10 minute walk from the conference venue (CNT) and 15 minutes walk from the city center. We will meet in front of the Entrance A to the Arena Gliwice at 18:50 and go together to the restaurant (see the map).

Coal mine trip
Wednesday 11.09.2019, 14:15

Underground Water Route Tour
The Water Route in Sztolnia Królowa Luiza is one of the most diverse and unique offers in Silesia.
It is an amazing adventure in the nineteenth-century, original excavations of the former Main Key Hereditary Adit and at the same time the longest underground route of this type in coal mining.
A part of underground excavations are on foot, and 1100 meters is a unique, underground rafting by boat.
There are underground ports, passing places, sounds of dripping water and unique chiaroscuro prevailing in the entire underground.

Social event - coal mine trip

Important information:

  • This is an underground tour (ca. 40 m below ground level)
  • Visiting time: approx. 2 hours;
  • Route length: approx. 2 km (approx. 1,100 m of rafting and approx. 900 m of walking distance)
  • The temperature below ground is ca. 14-16 degrees Celsius and there is high humidity
  • Proper clothing (rain jacket, cape) and full footwear with flat soles is highly recommended!
Social event - IBU craft beers

IBU CRAFT BEERS (* optional)
Matejki 3 Str.

If you like beer, you must not miss this place! It offers a variety of self-draught craft beers - taste as many kinds as you like and exactly as much as you want.

Raciborska 2 Str., Old City quarter

This is a place where you can feel the spirit of 80's in Poland, taste herring prepared in many different ways and drink typical Polish alcohol.

(* Optional events are not included in the conference fee)

Registration & Conference fee

The registration fee is 1000 PLN/250 EUR. Registered participants will be provided with lunches, coffee breaks, conference dinner and social events.
The fee should be paid by bank transfer to the following account:

  • PL 60 1050 1230 1000 0002 0211 3056 for payments in PLN
  • PL 68 1050 1230 1000 0023 6055 5748 for payments in EUR
Account owner: Politechnika Slaska, ul. Akademicka 2A, 44-100 Gliwice, Poland

In the payment title, please include your name and surname and the conference acronym: "Name Surname GaTA2019".

To register as a participant, please fill in the form below. If you have any special requirements or you need assistance in organizing your travel/stay, please use the Comments box to provide additional information.

By submitting this registration form I agree to the processing of personal data: GDPR, SUT Policy (in Polish)